Lee Fratto

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Lee Fratto was born and raised in New York City. He attended The High School of Art and Design, and received a scholarship to The Art Institute in Fort Lauderdale where he received his degree in Advertising Art and Illustration.

"My love for painting was handed down through generations of artists on both sides of my family. I believe that great art is suffered for and through suffering an artist can find his/her true self within the journey of creating art. Each painting we create is a journey through ourselves. We journey through art’s fragile simple beginning to its polished and refined end. We use the tools of color and shape to evoke emotion within. We chase after precious moments of euphoria, where it all comes together the way it’s supposed to. This is true for all art but especially true for oil painting because of the labor involved, because of the suffering, the patience, the crisis’ of confidence, the breakthroughs, the epiphanies, the great relief. Painting reflects life, but not an ordinary life, it reflects a life well lived."


Today, Lee Fratto is the owner of Studio 501 on Walnut Ave (bet/ Chestnut and Center) where he teaches art and sells his work. Studio 501 holds weekly life drawing classes Tuesday at 10:30am and painting classes throughout the week. Check Studio-501.com for more details

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image