Lynda Williams

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My name is Lynda Williams, and I'm an emerging Santa Cruz digital photographer. My subjects cover a broad range of subjects, from rural to urban, nature to industrial, landscapes to city scapes, wildlife, abstracts - really anything with interesting shapes, colors, or angles.

I explored all kinds of different creative endeavors throughout my life: music (instrumental & vocal), needle arts, beadwork, photography, web graphics and website design. I was good at a lot of it, but never really managed to settle into anything as more than a hobby. While I explored, I married, worked some office jobs, raised two daughters, divorced, became a grandmother, and eventually ended up in retail. Throughout all that time, I continued to be drawn to photography. But the expense of equipment, film, and printing kept me from truly developing my skills.

Then, they invented smart phones, with smart cameras and smart editing and creative apps to go on them. Now I can make beautiful images whenever I'm inspired to do so. I appreciate the technology that's made it possible for me to put my creativity into action and share the results. I can now create art that makes me happy, and have enough confidence to know that I'm not the only person who will enjoy it.

If my art has any message at all, it's that life is simply joyful. It's filled with pretty flowers, pleasing shapes and colors, delightful abstracts, cute animals, sunrises and sunsets, and expansive views of land, sea, and sky.

While I edit all my images for the best presentation possible, most of them are realistic  - they look like they would look if you were there. And while I always start with a photograph, and rarely introduce elements I didn't create myself, I sometimes twist and turn and manipulate until either you can tell what the original subject was but it doesn't look real, or it's become a beautiful abstract, and you have no idea what I started with. Either way, I hope you enjoy them all!

Instagram: @notecardoriginals

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image