Marge Hansen

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First Friday Artist Image

Bisogno Tutti

‘Bisogno’ is Italian for ‘I need’ or ‘to want for something’ and ‘Tutti’ means ‘everything’.

This phrase truly describes my passion for designing and creating unique, beautiful and functional things. 

For more than 30 years, I have needed to sew...everything!  All types of fashion and home decor fabrics, neoprene, Nomax for firefighters, and, especially, leather have been my media.  The desire to be productive was passed down from my immigrant Italian grandparents.  All four clothed and provided for their children by sewing clothing and shoes, knitting and crocheting every day necessities and tending the crops and livestock that provided much of the raw materials for all levels of their sustenance.  My parents were thereby instilled with a no-nonsense work ethic in which they, in turn, raised my two older sisters and me.  We understood from a very young age that working hard at what you loved would earn a reward well beyond basic existence--personal satisfaction and self-worth, life skills and an unshakeable determination to succeed.  It is with all their help and support, and those 30+ years of effort I mentioned, that my productivity has evolved to the level of artistry.  That I am able to bring it to fruition in Santa Cruz is thanks to my wonderful husband of 18 years, Gerry.  Thanks for saying 'Yes!' to moving back, Honey!

Over the last year, I have been rebuilding my custom sewing business with a stronger focus on fashion and home decor.  While trying a new technique and talking it through with my next older photographically-inclined sister on speaker-phone, she asked the ultimate cut-to-the-chase question.  'So, are you doing it directly on the leather?'  Thanks to Susan and our eldest sister, Karen's test-photo and additonal input, I have developed a method of permanently transferring photographs onto leather.  Used on suede, the picture looks strikingly like tapestry or well-aged oil painting.  Inspired by the uniqueness and beauty of the resulting tote bag, I contacted Patricia Moore regarding my custom and semi-custom leather purses and pillows.  Happily, she liked what she saw and invited me to join First Friday and be Rivendell's featured artist for November.  I will have a wide selection of purses, tote bags and pillows available for purchase and order information for custom personalized items on First Friday November 2 at Rivendell in Downtown Santa Cruz.

The photos included here are of some of my works that will be at Rivendell, my parents with a travel bag that now rides with my 91-year-old father on his scooter, my sister Susan responsible for 'our' epiphany moment, my husband Gerry posing with a bench cushion and throw pillows commissioned by Charley & Co. of Capitola, Karen's suede totebag with her own photo, her friend Dave's water-resistant leather bag and other custom items.

I look forward to meeting new friends and hope to leave you ‘wanting’ only for More of Everything from Bisogno Tutti and Life!

Margee Brovelli Hansen

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image