Marie Massey

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Artist Bio:

Award winning artist, Marie Massey, studied Fine Art at the California College of Arts and Crafts, UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley and at the Loveland Academy of Art as well as with many well known contemporary artists. In the year 2000, after an international career in marketing and business development, Marie devoted herself to painting and teaching full-time. Marie is currently represented by select galleries across the US including the San Francisco Women Artist Gallery in San Francisco, Studio Silzer and Masiah and Friends Fine Art Gallery in Pacific Grove, Ca. and the Independence Gallery in Loveland, CO. She also teaches painting for adults working in oil and acrylic for the City of Monterey. Marie’s work has sold well and she is grateful to have her work in many corporate and private collections.

Marie paints both in her Dolphin Dunes Studio and en plein aire. She has had the joy to paint in France and Italy as well as in beautiful places in the US and South America. She captures the splendid uniqueness of a place with spontaneous brush strokes, sensitive line, and vivid color. With her sure hand in composition and her drawing skills, she takes the viewer on a painted journey. Marie’s paintings, have been juried into numerous national exhibitions where they have won many awards including Best of Show, People’s Choice, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place as well as many Honorable Mentions, Purchase and Merchant Awards.  Marie is also co-founder of Paint the Poudre Plein Air, a plein air painting event benefiting the Cache La Poudre River in Colorado and Founder of the Central Coast Plein Air Painters.


Gallery Representation:

San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, 647 Irving St. San Francisco, CA Independence Gallery, 233 E. 4th St. Loveland, CO

Masiah Gallery, 620 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA

Petite Provence, 506 Bay Ave, Capitola, CA

HomeSpace Gallery, 41st Ave, Capitola, CA


Professional Memberships:

Exhibiting Member of the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery

Exhibiting Member of the California Art League

Central Coast Plein Air Painters, Founder

Pacific Art League

American Impressionist Society

Carmel Art Association

Central Coast Art Association

Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters Association

California Art Club

Awards and Recognition:

·         1st Place Juror’s Choice for “Artist’s Choice Exhibition” at the San Francisco Women Artists Gallery, Oct. 2016

·         People’s Choice Award: 2016 MBPAPA Healing Feast for the Soul Exhibition

·         Santa Cruz County Assoc. of Realtors Special Award at the Capitola Plein Air 2016

·         Best of Show:  Greeley National Show

·         2nd Place:  She Loves Him, Love, Spring, Pinot & Chocolate @Just for You Gallery in Healdsburg, CA,2012

·         2nd Place:  Reflections of Venice, Sweet Art Show

·         3rd Place:  Feathered Frolic, Greeley National Show

·         3rd Place: Fisherman’s Wharf, Plein air at CCPAP Scenic Highways of Monterey County Exhibit, 2016

·         3rd Place:  Wine and Roses, plein air at Carmel Valley’s Paint the Village,2015

·         Home State Bank $1000 purchase award for Summer River at Paint the Poudre Plein Air 2014

·         Honorable Mention at the Capitola Plein Air 2016

·         Two Paintings received Merchant Awards from Judge, Barbara Kerwin at the 2015 California Art League Show, Short Stories

·         Honorable Mention:  MBPAPA Natividad Medical Center Exhibition from judge Brian Blood for Ocean Spray 2017

          Honorable Mention: Carmel Valley, plein air at Carmel’s Paint the Village, 2016

·         Honorable Mention, Blue Sky River, plein air Paint the Poudre Plein Air 2013

·         Honorable Mention, Sweet Summer Dream, plein air Paint the Poudre Plein Air 2014

·         Honorable Mention to Summer River at SCAL’s California Landscape Show 2015

Artist’s Statement:

My work is impressionistic and expressionistic in nature with a contemporary bent.  Sometimes the idea for a painting spontaneously presents itself as in plein aire painting. I am inspired by the quiet meandering of a river, the vastness of a desert gorge or the way afternoon sun highlights the curve of an arch.  Sometimes my paintings are inspired by many impressions and feelings of a place.  These paintings are all about using technique to express relationships and create a sense of distance, time and space.

I start with a small sketch, first in pencil and paper to work out composition, values and important relationships.  Then I move to an acrylic sketch on canvas.  I paint in layers:  first two layers of underpainting in acrylic, using colors complementary to the final, true colors in oil.  I use an “open stroke” throughout so that previous layers shine through and I go through my sketch lines which has the effect of integrating my subjects into the setting while also providing the opportunity for lost and found edges.


The “painting in layers” method combines the value, shadow and shape ideas of chiaroscuro with color ideas from the impressionist painters.  This method creates color interest and harmony as well as a structural foundation for the final layer in oil.  I continue to sketch and re-sketch using a sensitive line so that the image achieves an organic quality with the impression  of movement and dimension as well as subtle light effects such as transparency of water and sky.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image