Matt Hill

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Matt Hill is a sculptor, poet, and book reviewer. He has published eight books of poetry and prose, and his books are found on many internet sites. His reviews have appeared in Rain Taxi, The Lit Pub, Poet’s Quarterly, Philadelphia Review of Books, Empty Mirror, Marsh Hawk Review, and American Book Review (forthcoming). 

His sculptural work engages with salvaged wood, stone, and bone, with the intent being to salvage found usable material and resurrect it by giving it a second voice. 


Artist’s Statement

The work presented here is focused upon process, with the materials mostly sourced locally. Objects gifted from the earth provide the basis for the sculpture narratives. Some of these freely situated sculptures reveal the purpose of reclaimed materials that had been destined for some entropic oblivion; by dint of my efforts, the inexorable decay has been slowed somewhat. 

Creative intervention on the part of the sculptor as material is rescued from decay and hiddenness. The earth returns to itself via this intervention, as the imagination of the sculptor expresses the objects which are allowed to enter the sphere of art. Any laws of chance become apparent through the nature of the material itself, the sculptor seeing the essence therein and becomes guided by that latent integrity. 

A balance of insight and matter occurs by way of creative intent. By ordering what is in space, the sculpture is permitted to animate what is perceived. This perception is the essence of sculpture. The life elements of the inner world give shape and set a tone towards what is being created, providing the pathway for a communication that takes place between the viewer, and the rock, wood, and bone in the sculpture itself. A wide sweep of various forms emerge from these acts of creation.  

The sculptor strives to enunciate a vision, a seeing-into that becomes materially manifest. It becomes a collaboration between the mind and objects that invite the work of transformation. The intent on my part is to salvage material and resurrect it somewhat, giving it a second voice. The motto here may as well be: Salvage and Resurrection!

“It is the sculptor who orders and animates space, gives it meaning” – Isamu Noguchi

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image