Melinda Picatti

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          I grew up in an age between cowboys and men on the moon, with barns and sheep pastures as a playground. I began drawing very young, and continued throughout high school, supported by my teachers. In college, a watercolor class from the late Eric Oback sparked my interest in watercolor,however, some instructors indicated my knowledge was lacking, with no indication of how I was to improve or catch up. I became intimidated.

      I had chosen art as my career, but somehow thought it would just "happen" without much effort. Fear  of failure  prevailed and I did not finish college, but was able to take workshops from several good instructors throughout the next few years. Divorce, death of spouse ,Mom's illness, and life problems slowed my progress as an artist, but not my interest  in watercolor. Having to retire early due to a  hand injury, allowed me to take a Mike Baily workshop,"Painting Beyond the Obvious".  This gave me some of the missing basics in my art education and instilled a "Just Do It!" work ethic of painting as much as possible( even if you don't feel like it).

     This was also the begining of my change of attitude about life. You get out what you put in. You become what you value yourself as. It sounds , and is,simple. This attitude has encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zones, has enhanced my capabilities, enthusiasm, and resulted in more and better paintings. I freely experiment with new paints and papers, and unusual ways of applying paint,

      I also completed a class in abstract painting,using acrylics, even though I paint realisticly and with watercolors. I am yet consolidating the assimilation of the knowledge gained in the class with the ability to retrieve it from my brain. With me, this takes time  and many paintings. The more I paint, the more I am able to access the "buried" knowledge and use it. I find you can learn much if you step out of your "box", and see the world a little differently than normally--as in the abstract class.  I am always excited about what will happen when paint reaches the paper and what will challenge me next. And, yes, some challenges take a lot of repetition to overcome.I think artists have to be used to some "failures" in order to step beyond their normal limits.

   Check out my website with past/sold works and also the newer/available paintings:



First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image