Nanda Currant

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I am a documentary filmmaker and photographer. I have completed projects for New Mexico and California with a focus on the natural world. I also draw and paint. My interests are in film, photography drawing, mixed media. As an artist I have a particular interest in birds and wolves. I have  a short film 'Wolf Commercials' about protecting wolves for our future and other films on Vimeo.

Portraying the story of a river migrating birds, animal presence, brings us closer to ourselves and the wild within. I wrote two books on performance art for this purpose of bringing nature to live. RiverWorks, and Bringing Nature of Life. Wingspread, in pastel and color pencil is a book about birds as guardians and their myths.

There are smaller chap and wave books on birds and wolves; On The Line about crows(two volumes) On the Fence about local birds.

Photos and drawings are often a series on a particular theme but stand as individual pieces on their own.

I have teamed up with various organizations creating a series of shows for The Wolf Project, to protect wolves and return them to Endangered Species status since they were de-listed at the end of the Trump Administration. We want to stop the destruction of forty years of work on their behalf by this change and to halt current bills that are destructive for recovery. The federal funds being used by the State Fish and Wildlife in Idaho to kill wolves are supposed to be earmarked to protect and recover wildlife. The carrying out of this  decision to kill nearly 90% of their wolf population in a barbaric fashion is inhumane and does not meet those goals to use funds that are for another purpose. A lawsuit has been proposed by a collection of well known conservation groups to stop this plan.

There have been a series of six shows with an assortment of twenty-five artists local and beyond as a benefit for wolves. Heroes and Heroines: Wolves in our Mist/Midst  offers portraits of legendary wolves and other work about wolves depicting them past stereotypes.

We have a virtual show online and want to do in-person shows.  Contact me for a show at your venue. We are running out of time to stop a dangerous precedent being set by this bill that endangers all wildlife across this country. My site offers a series of panels that are watercolor on wood and 12x12 and 10x10 along with photos for sale. The sales benefit our endeavor to save and protect wolves.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image