Nanda Currant

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I am a fine artist and have a background in art, therapy, and education . Over the last twelve years I have combined those skills as a documentary filmmaker and photographer while continuing to draw and paint. My interests are in creativity coaching, nature journal and drawing, service as an artist for the wild. As an artist I have a particular interest in birds and wolves. I have  a short film "Wolf Commercials" on Vimeo about protecting wolves for our future.

My focus has been on art in service of the wild. I have collected and performed with members of the community stories and images bringing nature to life. Portraying the story of a river migrating birds, animal presence, brings us closer to ourselves and the wild within. I wrote two books on performance and creative work in the natural world;"RiverWorks",and "Bringing Nature of Life". I recently finished a children/adult book of  color pencil, and pastel, "Wingspread" about birds as guardians and "On The Line" a chapbook about crows and

I recently completed twenty cloth panels of animals and birds using a photographic transfer process and them sewing into a hanging and small wave books on birds and wolves.

Photos and drawings are all from a series on a particular theme but stand as individual pieces on their own.

Professionally I have been filmmaker for the last ten years for non-profits, artists in dance, writing, conservation, and urban farming.

Currently I am in the Leadership Program "Call of the Wild" with the Center for Biological Diversity to help move at a faster pace with information to protect wolves from being stripped of their endangered status and to stop the destruction of forty years of work on their behalf during this administration's backward turn towards slaughtering wolves at a rapid pace around the country and tin order to protect our important predators for the future of all of life.
We are planning a show with twenty artists as a benefit for wolves, Heroes and Heroines: Wolves in our Mist/Midst. Portraits of legendary wolves and other work about wolves will be in the show.

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