Steve Heaton

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First Friday Artist Image
I have been passionate about cycling most of my life. It's my escape and the freedom to explore that I enjoy most. I had been looking at these beautiful barrels in my back yard for over 15 years, and one day I decided to disassemble one. It was during this process that I visualized a bicycle using only the metal hoops and wood staves, and a barrel bike sculpture was born.
Each barrel bike has it's own history and flavor. I seek to preserve the unique characteristics and natural beauty (curves, markings, stains), making each sculpture a one of a kind. These sculptures are entirely from a barrel except for the screws and corks. They can be hung inside on a wall, or placed on the ground, inside or outside. It is an immensely gratifying experience to create these sculptures. For sale or commission artist if you have something special in mind.

You can find more pics on my FB page @heatersart or you can call or email with inquiries.


First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image