Tom Jacobs

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One of the joys of creating fine art photography is that it forces me to be “in the moment.” All other distractions fade away as I focus on interpreting the compelling scene before me. Understanding lighting, composition and photographic technology are important, but they are secondary to the art of seeing.

My photographs offer rich colors and textures, strong composition, and intriguing subject matter. Customers commonly remark on my painterly style. The images often include a structure with a story to tell, such as a rustic wooden boat, an old doorway, or a rusted vintage tricycle in the snow. They evoke thoughts of days gone by, a simpler time, a forgotten memory.

From image capture and expert application of digital imaging techniques, to fine art printing and custom framing, I perform all processes leading to the creation of my photographic art. I have been a self-taught and passionate photographer for over 20 years, entering the professional arena in 2002. My background in computer software provided me the expertise to fully embrace the transition from traditional film to digital photography.

Hundreds of customers have purchased my images at art fairs and open studio events around the Bay Area, and seen my work at exhibitions in many public and commercial venues. I have been commissioned for family portraits, weddings, and equestrian events. I continuously study books and publications related to the art and craft of photography, attend workshops, and have taught classes in Adobe Photoshop. I am a member of the Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz Community of Digital Artists, Aptos Chamber of Commerce, and the Carmel Center for Photographic Art.

An expert in digital photography and fine art printing, I also do consulting and tutoring in digital photography, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom and provide digital fine art printing services for photographers and giclées for other artists.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image