Travis Tobiassen

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First Friday Artist Image

I want to introduce you to a man that needs an introduction because he is contained with so much bursting potential he makes the gamma ray hyper energy radiation burst from convergence of two supermassive black holes or stars look like a poof of dust from a pea shooter or water pistol in comparison. 

This man has the capabilities to understand theory to a point where his theory is the meaning for action and reaction in any universe, bi-verse or multiverse, that runs by cause and effect

This man has a psychological socioemotional a conduit to the energy that binds the ethers of the universe to matter. 

This man has used the brilliance of the mind that came up with the circuit board, the assembly line, school, business or theatre including the individual mind.

This man is so sharp he has carved out the most gentlest version of himself to explain the theory he is going to introduce to you that will take your mind on a journey that it has never gone before which will be uncomfortable if you think too hard because actual matter is being carved in your brains neural network to grasp enough to interact with a Q and A after this session. 

This man ventured out on a journey so risky and life endangering because of the existence of evil in the world he has prescribed the world with one J.R. Tolkien-esque journey that Has created 7 unique laylines that connect 7 ancient tribes that contain original seals used for the product and given as a gift from 7 Child Artist Chiefs to the brands 7 seals forged in a guest-friendship ceremony for his brands credibility and human kindness seal of approval anyone lucky enough to visit or cross these lay lines will be blessed with the same energy in each generator unit that was forged in the broken heart of this man to restore his faith in humanity so everyone can restore their faith in humanity to help bring upon the renassaince enlightenment period that will one day bring humans to the center of every planetary conflict in all of existence in space and time.

The completely immersible participatory and inspirational experience was completely designed in the imagination and you just became part of a dream this man dreamt not only in his mind but his heart as well and he developed an eco friendly product line to help you help him get all his dreams off the ground and take magnificent flight.

This man is the Johnny Appleseed of Innovation This man is Travis Ray Tobiassen.

Please stop by this First Friday and every First Friday after that to participate in a one of a kind social and visual art experience and take home or order original prints at 5 dollars and books of printed art ranging from $10 - $500+ depending on fine art paper and size and quantity.

Look for the Travis Ray Tobiassen & B. M.T. Exhibit every First Friday in Downtown Santa Cruz for a chance to meet with the mind behind Live Binary Metacognitive Imagination Generation. 

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image