Vicki Assegued

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I've always been fascinated with making art from objects, turning one thing into another thing, to create beauty in unexpected ways. After some years of making assemblage using re-purposed materials, such as wood, glass and metal, I then discovered my passion for working with fabric, and a whole new art form emerged. After much experimenting, I developed a way to build layers of fabric, lace, trim, yarn, beads, and other embellishments to create pieces that reflected the art I feel inside of myself.

I teach workshops on my layered fabric techniques and cherish the special time spent together in community as people become deeply absorbed in their projects and delighted with what they are creating using these methods. Anyone can work in this medium, without any art experience from the past, or with much art experience in their past, and everyone is able to create beautiful pieces. (Please feel free to contact me for upcoming workshops).

Two years ago, I was accepted into SCRAP, The Santa Cruz Recycle Art Program, where six artists were given access to the dump for four months. We could gather any materials we wanted, make art from those materials, and then show and sell our work at the SCRAP exhibit at the beautiful R. Blitzer Gallery. The entire experience was magical for me.

I've found art to be a metaphor for life, in many ways, and through art, I discover more about myself, my existence, my connections to others, nature and life. Making art asks of me to both surrender and make many decisions, to both engage my own ideas and be a conduit for other ideas to come through me.


First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image