Zachary Rich

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"Let your imagination thrive, your heart pound, and your passions take over. Experience the unseen and enjoy the small pleasures." -Myself

Art has always been a large factor of my life. It flourished during high school when I was introduced to film. The film program was new and needed students to test it out, but it took no longer than a week before it took over my life. I began to see the world as a canvas and a film ready to be captured. I spent my freshman year working on ideas for films in every sense: comedy, animation, documentary, etc. In my first year, I created three short films that soon dwindled in comparison to my future film works.

 Within two years, I started making documentaries for the US Forest Service as an independent filmmaker and strived to create as many films as possible with one goal in mind: create meaningful films. There is one lesson that I will never forget that my film teacher, Cord Rawlinson, taught me: "Always work on the visual. Make your movie stand out and shine. If you were to turn off the sound in the film, I want to still understand what is going on. Put meaning into your film. Really love the stories that you are creating". From that moment I held true to that goal and ended up becoming Best Director at the Twain Harte film festival (2011). From there I knew I wanted to pursue film in college.

Photography was the other medium that filled every void and empty day with happiness and wonder. Just like film, I saw the world as something waiting to be captured so I looked everywhere I could to find photogenic scenes. It wasn't difficult as I lived near Yosemite Valley and had a world of photographic landscapes around me. My photography quickly became more professional as I entered college and learned the specific skills that required eloquent photography. It was also during this time when I decided create a portfolio of my work and create Zarraka Productions. 

In short, art has fulfilled my life and helped pass the time with adventure and imagination. I continue to learn everything I can about film and photography so that my artwork can continue to grow.

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image