Zannah Noe

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Zannah Noe is fine artist working in mix media. As a formally trained photographer and painter she is using these mediums to retranslate her images from photos to silkscreens to paintings to 3d objects.

She is originally from Concord Massachusetts and resides in Brooklyn, NY  with a space in San francisco. She studied photography under Carrie Mae Weems at Hampshire College and art at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her work is widely collected and she runs her own art space in San Francisco, Velcrow Studios. Currently her work can be seen in San Francisco, New Mexico, New York, Massachusetts, and Maine.

‘Amusement Architecture”, American Bones Series is an exhibit of San Francisco artist, Zannah Noe’s large roller coaster paintings. The artist photographed and studied the Santa Cruz Boardwalk’s Giant Dipper roller coaster along with New York’s Coney Island. Her series of paintings that came out of this time focused on the architecture of entertainment. She created laser cut stencils from her photos and employed them in the paintings, street art and into 3d forms. The two large paintings, Roller coaster #13 and Roller coaster #14 are examples of artist’s use of lush painterly forms overlaid by the stark contrast of the stenciled latticework of the roller coaster’s scaffolding.

The Boardwalks, in general, but the roller coasters in particular, were icons of an American pastime. Unique in that they were a shared American experience that rose above the divisions of politics, religion, age and class. They were places on opposite coasts that still held their charm and were distinctly American. This exploration of the rollercoaster form as an icon was the beginnings of a deeper investigation into the bone structure of the American identity. As a result, the artist is currently traveling the states documenting for the American Bones project. In its second year of a four-year undertaking, this multimedia art project explores America’s topographies and cultural narratives that form the bone structure of our nations current identity. Focused on understanding regionalism like a cultural anthropologist but with an artist’s eye, the results will take the form of a photographic series, a painting series, film shorts and a series of books on her journeys. Images of a regions’ landscape, choices in architecture, public art, portraits and interviews with people, especially those from the creative class of a region, will be the subjects of her work. 

First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image