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Carly Vollers

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I grew up as the youngest in a very large family and quickly realized that I loved crafting and sewing, it gave me a quiet and calm space in my boisterous household. As I grew older I started customizing all of my clothing items, out of a love of fashion but also because I had a very hard time finding clothes that fit me the way I wanted them to. My parents, noticing how much time I was spending hand sewing, decided to get me a sewing machine. My dad became my first (and still probably my favorite) sewing teacher. After high school, I took some community college classes to continue honing my craft and then went on to work with multiple designers and seamstresses around the Bay Area. I am so proud to be launching Trollop and Hussy. I am excited to be bringing my designs and dreams to life. Using a one hundred year old free motion embroidery machine, each piece in the collection is personalized with a one of a kind design. Unlike modern day embroidery machines, each stitch on my items is hand placed with a small steering wheel attached to my sewing machine. I love helping people shout their persona without having to say a word.

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