Gazelle Walker

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Digital Art

Gazelle Walker is a mixed media artist based in Santa Cruz, Ca. Creating cardboard sculptures, mixed media paintings and digital works, she utilizes innovative and varied techniques to create evocative habitats. Drawing inspiration from transcendental experiences with wildlife, and the impact these encounters have on her; her works evoke a sense of happiness and peace. She has exhibited her work throughout Santa Cruz and graduated with a BA from California State University Monterey Bay.

My artwork addresses the corrugated complexities of life in the Anthropocene, or the current period where human activities dominate the climate and environment. Combining 3D-modeled cardboard sculptures, gouache paintings and folk art I create eclectic habitats that highlight the relationships between self and environment. Taking great care to make sure materials and processes used in my art making have the smallest environmental impact possible, I discover inventive techniques and creative methods to shape my vision. "Make it interesting, make it funny, make it weird" is the motto sung throughout my works. My practice challenges what materials can be used to create fine art while also questioning how art making can be less wasteful.

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