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Mixed Media

I have always been a creative soul. I was really interested in art as a kid with mostly drawing and coloring. That interest would grow into a passion through my early teens when I discovered painting. My mom was always taking pictures of our families sporting events, but my first real exposure to photography was as a freshman in high school when I was a T.A. in the dark room. Even though I wasn't taking photos yet I got to see and appreciate the process of film. My drawing and painting developed further all during high school with a few pieces actually winning awards.My first camera was a simple point and shoot film camera I must have got sometime in my early college years. Instantly I was drawn to the vibrant colors of sunsets and tried to capture those moments in between my Design and Industry studies and college soccer at SFSU. The digital age was in it's infancy and I fumbled through a couple of digital cameras exploring the nuances of disks vs film. After graduating I moved to Santa Cruz to follow my latest passion, surfing. Little did I know I would also start a landscape company called Dreamscape that would be both my creative outlet and the beginning of a 16yr small business success.After the phenomenon of the camera phone, and my many many Instagram and FB posts, we fast forward to a year ago when I picked up my first DSLR camera and water housing. Originally to capture my kids adventures in Baja I was instantly hooked after just my first time using it. My creative side is now being shown as Wetfeet photography. Please enjoy the rest of this journey with me.

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