James Feathers


Never Forget John Lewis--Black Lives Matter!

Never Forget Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Never Forget the Sedition of 2021/01/06.

Some info: A few years ago, I got access to some old overhead projectors, the kind that were used in the '60s for light shows. Different color liquids in various containers were used to create projected images. Some of the materials used back then were kind of hard on the environment, so I came up with water-based methods that only use food-grade dyes for color.

I did live light shows around Santa Cruz for a while under the name "akaruizaru," Japanese for "bright monkey"「明るい猿」but more recently am using images of light show projections in print media. Sometimes these prints include elements from conventional photography, sometimes text, and sometimes just the projection images alone. As a nod to the live performances where this all got started, the prints are signed「明るい猿」in a vertical cartouche.

Please see my full portfolio at jamesfeathers.com for more info.

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