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Brianna Hart

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​Brianna Hart is a Santa Cruz-based, self-taught, mixed-media artist who has been creating art since childhood. In earlier years, she worked primarily in black-and-white charcoal. While commissioning portraits, Brianna experimented with new subjects and uncovered a passion for incorporating the female figure into her artwork. During this time, she was also battling several health conditions, including cancer and Ehlers-Danlos. Feeling a sense as if her body was broken, Brianna found comfort and healing by creating new bodies through figurative art. 

In 2017 Brianna was invited to participate in a portrait exhibit at the SC Museum of Art and History. Eager to create a large colorful self-portrait for this event, and not having the resources for new paint, she looked around her home and noticed a stack of Vogue magazines collecting dust. Flipping through the luxury ads, she was flooded with creative ideas. Since then, she has mastered this unique collage technique which she refers to as ‘painting with paper’. 

Brianna believes that we all consist of layers, some of our layers are visible to the world, while others remain hidden. She expresses this concept in her work through her delicate and intuitive process of layering paint and paper. For more about Brianna's artistic process follow her on Instagram or visit her website

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