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Kirby Scudder

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Mixed Media

My work as an artist, graphic illustrator, radio producer, columnist and arts programmer has helped illuminate my understanding of the immense impact creativity has on our society.

The last several years have created challenges for millions of creatures around the world, not the least of which is how we work. Compelled by the many fascinating stories of animals that have pursued new career choices since Covid, I decided to do their portraits.

Coco Pepper

SpaceX Astronaut

Coco an abandoned 6 year old dalmatian who grew up in San Antonio, TX and worked at a Part time job at Petco, stocking cat furniture.

In 2021, the grind of just getting by, began to get to Coco. She decided to make a major life change. Inspired by her favorite children's book ”Mousetronaut” she began to look at other opportunities.

Aware of the recent growth of private space exploration with companies such as Spacex, Blue Origin, and Virgin Galactic, Coco seized on her life's dream and relocated to Hawthorne, California.

After acing their requirements and testing, Coco is now an astronaut in training at Spacex waiting for her first orbital flight this Summer.

13” X 19”

Mixed Media on Paper

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