Be Heart Now ..&.. Nectar – Bree and Jennifer

330 Ingalls Street
Santa Cruz, 95060
First Friday Artist Image
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Be Heart Now/Nectar is SOOOO excited to host WILD AND FREE with the ohh sooo very BRILLIANT wildlife art of Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes  ... and the PHENOMENAL catalystic collages of Bree Karpavage...  
     Jennifer Wildermuth Reyes is an internationally exhibiting artist whose interest in wildlife started during her childhood in rural Wisconsin. She grew up drawing the natural world surrounding her and eventually Jennifer’s interest in art led her to pursue a BFA at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. From there she made her way to San Francisco where she received her MFA from the Academy of Art University in 2006. She now lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains, surrounded by redwood grooves. The return to living in nature has also triggered a return to painting wildlife after many years of study in other expressions of two dimensional art. Her current bird, animal and insect pieces are set against colorful geometric patterns that contrast and compliment the organic form of the living being. The resulting pieces draw both on her current exposure to the natural world and her past artistic study. @wildermuthreyes
Bree Karpavage is a collage artist, event coordinator and mother of three living in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Inspired by life's transitions, she uses the creative process of collage as a ritual for empowerment, healing and personal growth using mostly magazine images both vintage and new. She finds the old school art of cutting and pasting both therapeutic and meditative, calling the end result her "soul work." Each piece represents an important subconscious expression of her life and is a catalyst for her inner growth. She posts her latest work on her Instagram page @bree.karpavage
 -and... as always .. Alongside Jennifer and Bree ... will be in-house artist ...Amy Wolfe...of.... Be Heart Now.... with her 'Heart-Headed' Handmade... love... on a Mighty Mission... and of course... her jewelry..    as well as... Nectar's amazing 20% off First Friday sales!!!
... stay tuned for more info... as this fun creative evening unfolds..


First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image