Om Gallery – Chandra Brantley

1201 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, 95060
First Friday Artist Image
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Chandra Gurnoe-Lutz (Sant Cruz, United States) makes photos and paintings. Her show at the OM Gallery on June 2nd, 2018 will be a celebration of Pride and, in partnership with OM Gallery, a reclamation of Queer Space in Santa Cruz. 
Her photos demand of the viewer an acceptance of and willingness to engage with the beauty of the human experience. She plays with light, landscape and human form in order to evoke a sense familiarity, loneliness and conversely deep connection. 
Her works are often about contact with marginalized people and of basic living elements. She desires a response from her viewers…a knowing that ‘this is me, too’, whether the work represents a hummingbird suspended in flight 
or a child waving a flag at Pride, the viewer understands that there is an unalterable and irrepressible joy in connection. 
First Friday Artist ImageFirst Friday Artist Image