The 418 – Lisa Christensen, Wide Blue Yonder Dance Company

418 Front Street
Santa Cruz, 95062
First Friday Artist Image
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm

Plastic Water

Experience our poisoned oceans.

Currents in all of the world’s oceans flow in gyres or
circular patterns. Anything floating around can accumulate over time in these gyres.
Plastic Water is an interactive art installation transforming The 418 into an underwater
habitat composed of sculptures made from repurposed, commonly used and discarded
plastic items that end up in the ocean. The sculptures have aerial dance apparatus as
skeletons with drifting aerial dancers as “ailing sea creatures” who navigate the “new
normal” of our plasticized oceans.

Viewers can manipulate, ride on, write about and imagine the hazards of modern
aquatic life:

Pull strings to make waves in the Meandering Marionette Kelp Forest made of plastic
bags with strings or bob around on bungees or the Human Mobile.

Blow on the Diatom Mobile to make air currents and see the brownian motion of
magnified unicellular creatures created by 5th graders from Watsonville Charter
School of the Arts and watch their videos about our consumption and disposal of
single use plastic items.

Feel inspired and compose haiku then listen to it become music riffs from your words

Float around with fashion by Lisa Agliano and her couture plastics

Bop and bob to the live music of The Zayante Creek All Stars Band.

Disposable Plastic Blues

Ocean Plastic Pollution PSA

First Friday Artist Image