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In the Liminal

In the Liminal

by Bree Karpavage

Liminal space – a time between what was and what’s next. A fitting name for the creative project unfolding over at the Westside’s Circle Church. A vision of founder, Weston Mossman, his series of immersive art events “Northern Lights” and “Impermanence” have brought life back into the empty buildings of this historical church set to be demolished later this year. And not just life, CREATIVE life, embodying the idea that the inbetweens of life create breathing room for great opportunities.

This opportunity for Weston has helped launch his idea of developing an interactive, immersive art experience for the Santa Cruz community. Bringing the community together to create an ever changing, interconnected, art project designed not only for artists but for everyone. Each event welcomes attendees of all ages to join in and participate in this collaborative art experience. Buy a ticket not only to view the dozens of murals on the walls, experience the interactive art installation rooms and enjoy the music, but also to creatively contribute…grab a paintbrush and make something beautiful.

Liminal Space Collective is fueled by hundreds of creatives from around the county, all volunteering their time, donating materials and scavenging for items to recycle into an art installation. There’s no membership fee to be involved, instead members contribute in many other ways from managing PR, updating the website, organizing work groups and every other task that needs a hand. Over 200 artists and community members have contributed so far to the project and that number is quickly growing. Their Instagram account has tripled followers since their first event in January.

Murals at the Circle Church. Artists left to right: Mesngr, Jessica Carmen, Peyton Lekoff

Wendy Frances joined the team in December excited to be a part of this growing creative community. “It’s what was missing here in Santa Cruz…and now it feels like home.” Wendy handles the PR communications for the collective while also investing time as an art director in one of the “Experience Rooms.” Her excitement was contagious as she explained her installation vision in a room filled with large paper mache trees in progress and murals on every wall. This excitement is shared by everyone who has contributed to the space so far and this energy Weston says is what makes this project, this collective so special.

An alcohol and drug free event, Liminal Space Collective presents “Impermanence” on March 25, an ode to and a reminder that everything has an end including the very walls and rooms the event takes place within. “Everything here is a ton of work and energy and soul and passion and everyone knows that it’s going to come down,” says Weston, “and that’s why they’re doing it.” 

While this is their last event scheduled at the Circle Church, Liminal Space has big plans to grow this passion project. Look for upcoming exhibits from them in collaboration with other popular community events this year. Inspiration is leading the way and they are sure to make good use in the liminal for what’s next.

Find more info and tickets at
Get involved by following @liminlaspacecollective and show up to one of their community art days.

Left: Circle Church during event, photo by Andrew O’Keefe – Middle: Art installation, photo by Wendy Frances – Right: Art installation in progress