First Friday Santa Cruz

Resource Center for Nonviolence

<p><strong>The Resource Center for Nonviolence</strong> (RCNV)<strong> is c<strong>entrally located </strong>art and event venue, featuring rotating "Art of Nonviolence" exhibits</strong>. RCNV is available for rental for events, exhibits, film screenings, workshops, meetings and more. RCNV promotes the practice of nonviolence in personal and social change to create a more just, peaceful and sustainable world. </p><p>Founded in 1976, RCNV is open and welcoming to the whole community. Scott Kennedy hall: capacity 200; Community Room= capacity 60; Conference Room, capacity 10-15. <strong>More Information:</strong> <strong>831.423.1626, <a href=""></a></strong></p><p class="p1"> </p>

Santa Cruz, CA 95060