Rockford Gallery Contemporary Ceramics

I am extremely proud to have found Rockford Gallery Contemporary Ceramics. The gallery will offer monthly shows created by myself, Rocky Lewycky. This space fills a void whereby my artwork and process can now breath properly. I am a maker and I am an idea person. I have a fluid dialog with my art while in process. This progress is in a push/pull mode until show commitments sinter it. This new gallery platform allows the work to fully ripen in an organic and unforced manner.

The gallery will be open for three shows this summer, July through September, with openings on first Fridays 6-9:30 pm. I will follow the summer schedule up with an open studio in October, and then close down until summer 2020.

Rockford Gallery Contemporary Ceramics will be open Friday-Saturday noon-7pm and by appointment.   

I Found Mino No Kuni
July 5-28, 2019
Grand Opening July 5, 6-9:30 pm. 

Instruments of Consciousness 
August 2- September 1, 2019
Opening August 2, 6-9:30 pm

Liminal Objects
September 6-29, 2019
Opening September 6, 6-9:30 pm