First Friday Santa Cruz

What Was, What Is, What Will Be

What Was, What Is, What Will Be

by Bree Karpavage

Coming back to the center, the source, the radius – this idea, the theme and inspiration around the upcoming anniversary exhibit at Radius Gallery, DECADE. Celebrating 60+ art exhibits & experiences, representing hundreds of artists, in the books for Radius Gallery and counting.

2024 marks ten years at Radius, a unique hub for contemporary art in Santa Cruz. Positioned at the center of the Tannery Arts Center, director Ann Hazels says she is motivated and inspired by space; holding space for artists, for art, for conversations. Presenting shows, each uniquely curated, and moving visitors through the space invoking a story, a feeling, an idea…all through art.

“I want you to have this experience when you come in here that it’s not like something you’ve seen before and it’s not like the last one.”  says Ann.

DECADE promises to celebrate the gallery’s dedication to both emerging and established artists, bringing back artists who have shown previously at Radius and contributed to the gallery’s creative journey and success. Artists like Marc D’Estout, Kirby Scudder, Margaret Niven, Glenn Carter, Todd LeJeune, Yvonne Escalante, Jenny Phillips and Peter Hiers.

Showing a brand new body of work in DECADE is Kirby Scudder, a long time Santa Cruz artist and “ignitor” who Ann Hazels explains, changed the Santa Cruz art scene. One of the original founders of First Friday Santa Cruz twenty years ago and an ambassador for the Tannery Arts Center in its conception, “Kirby,” Ann says, “has charge. He has a way of pushing people, making them think and feel with his art. He uses quiet humor to create a powerful voice in his work.”

And Ann Hazels has a way of curating art exhibits and experiences that have made Radius Gallery a vibrant, engaging space for artists and art-lovers of all calibers at the center of Santa Cruz. DECADE invites us to take a look at the past, present and future of Radius Gallery and is sure to be an experience like we’ve never seen.

Congrats to Ann Hazels and Radius Gallery for 10 years!

DECADE is open February 15 – March 31 with a First Friday reception on March 1. | @radiusgallery | 1050 River St, #127